Ji-pyeong finally gives up pursuing his love for Dal-mi and asks him to see who she really loves, which is really Do-san. Do-san reveals his love to Dal-mi, to the jealousy of Ji-pyeong. When the first sailors circumnavigated the world, they did so probably without a map, or a complete one for the whole voyage. Season 1. I don’t know if I am qualified to make a comment because I stopped at episode 3. Dal-mi finally finds out about her grandmother going blind. The chemistry bewteen Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Sun Ho was tangible since the moment Sun Ho entered the room. Do-San promises her he’ll make it a reality and win the bid. His success on the back of Start-Up will easily be the stand-out part of this drama and I predict big things to come from him going forward. She is Hye-jin's best friend and roommate. Because that was the last dream they shared together before the 2STO break up. type of setting. In the sky with Mu Cheng or the Sea with Liu Qi. I think they way he was written he was the perfect 1st lead! What does it mean to sail without a map? Or aware. For me (and only me…this is my take), the issue was character development or lack thereof for the main character(s). Dal-mi, still shocked with Do-san's arrival, is comforted by Ji-pyeong. This is a completely separate meeting though given for some reason she’s not actually with the group while they celebrate their success. I see how it will end already, he will save Sang Mi, she will end up with Sang-Hwan and he will be either dead or in jail. Ultimately, Dal-mi decides to enter the bid. Things get worse when Nick’s father disappears leaving him with a large sum of illegal money. But eventually his little company disrupted and engulfed then giant IBM. Revised Romanization: Start-Up. In need of consolation, Do-san escapes to his uncle's cabin outside Seoul, but Dal-mi manages to find him that night. This show, for me, looks quite promising in Ep 1-6 but degraded itself afterwards. The series logged 4.5% in viewership rating for its first episode. i was more entertained on dosans friend romance begween the designer. Please give it a try. Dal-mi and Do-san meet for the first time and decide to be business partners. In the wake of this, Do-San checks out the anagram solution and realizes this leads back to Shin Hyeon and Shin Jeong, something many people will have probably worked out by now. Then Dong Chul being railroaded going to jail. Won-deok, still concealing Ji-pyeong's identity to her, asks him to find the real Nam Do-san, who now co-owns a startup company called Samsan Tech with Kim Yong-san and Lee Chul-san. During the epilogue, we jump forward to present day in 2020. From a drama that started so brightly, sailing off without a map into the sunset leaves Start-Up lost at sea and lacking many redeeming features. After telling Dal-mi to forget him and limit their relationship to just colleagues at work, Do-san approaches Alex Kwon, who had approached him to offer him a job at his company 2STO, to accept his offer. – han was portrayed as the proper leading man. Han Ji Pyeong. I thought it was a well written drama. Episode 16 of Start-Up begins with the reporter from Hyungju Daily newspaper asking Dong-Chun where Dal-Mi’s company are situated. The reason for the delay has been pinned on the ongoing … Do-san finally manages to correct his program that can detect the fake handwritings generated by Injae. Not long after, they head up to the office and find out they’ve passed the first stage and are now one of the finalists. As an investor he doesn’t want to pass up this opportunity – especially given it could result in massive gains going forward (or a J-curve as Sun-Hak calls it). A constant source of his family's pride as a child, Nam Do San as an adult is the founder of Sam San Tech, a fledgling start-up company that is looking to transition into bigger endeavors. Afterward, Ji-Pyeong tells Dong-Chun he did a good job and struggles to hold back a big smile on his face. Or curious. [1] The series revolves around a woman who has dreams of becoming an entrepreneur like Steve Jobs, and her love triangle between a man who is secretly her first love and another man who is pretending to be her first love. As for Jang Man-Wol, she too is living her new life. I hope more people enjoy watching, and also enjoy the story as it unfolds, not demanding for changes because of your personal love for an actor. Because he wanted to be ready to help her. the whole show is got for me. In exchange, she gives her sister 10,000 won, believing that scaling up the company is a good idea in the end and believing Dal-Mi will outdo her in the long-run. Unknown to him, the … Dosan changed for the better. She’s not present at any of the celebratory moments this episode and we don’t even see what she’s been up to as we jump forward to the present day. Maybe get close later and realised their feelings for each other in present time. All Rights Reserved. Because even if they broke up, if there was any chance at all of helping her and winning her back, Dosan would do it again. In-jae submits the permit for a bid for a smart city project, but Dal-mi disagrees, as she is unconfident of winning it. The character with better development was indeed HJP. Moat of my thoughts are already poured out by the reviewer and commenters whocsays that they’re disappointed. Honestly, I don’t even know who she is. I think that the writer didn’t know how to keep going through his character and give him a better develpment. Xiu didn’t know how she wanted it to end… as in she didn’t know where she wanted to end up. Do-san stumbles upon the name Apollon Artemis circled among the possible combinations. Thank goodness, Liu Qi turned up ok in the end. This page was last edited on 17 January 2021, at 00:36. I agree with the author of this article on all fronts. The next day, Do-san takes Dal-mi and her grandmother to the beach. tvN’s new drama Start-Up premiered this weekend with a heartfelt introduction to our three main characters, some strong storytelling, and that unquantifiable thing we all know and love so well: K-drama magic.. EPISODES 1-2 WEECAP. As she does, he asks whether she wants to move into an apartment to help her going up and down the stairs. I’m a fan of good writing. Back at work, Dal-Mi sends over a list of potential companies who are also bidding alongside them. His emotions and feelings were not put forward well. Dong-chun meets a reporter that met them to attack Cheongmyeong Company and gives Ji-pyeong his business card, who tells him that he always writes articles attacking start-ups unless given a stock in their company. Of all of the Sailor Scouts, Sailor Mars had a huge temper, but also a logical side. The break-up. And this show ended with such disappointment. And the most important part was the wedding which should have been shown to feel the moment of these two characters and not just a photo of the wedding. The night before that scene, Dosan was already worried that they were approaching Chairman Won for funding, because he knew that Dalmi’s mother and sister left her and father for that man. Even the finale ep feels so lame, flat, what kind of writing is that? Ji-pyeong finally admits that he wrote the letters. This drama set our heart ablaze just to smack ourselves in the face at the end of it. We previously had confirmation that the second season of Love Alarm was coming to Netflix on August 22nd, 2020. On the other hand, we have Jipyeong, our second main lead who feels like the main lead but is treated like a punching bag and a waste disposal. Ji-pyeong, unaware that Dal-mi joins Samsun Tech, asks his secretary Dong-cheong to replace him as a mentor at the Hackathon, yet keeps supervising Samsun Tech's progress. No! He, Do-san, and Yong-san return to South Korea for a vacation at the end of their 3-year contract at 2STO. It almost felt like the series was being led by a completely different writer or producer. Would give it 4 stars out of 5. Start-Up? Upon Ji-pyeong telling them that NoonGil will be dissolved, despite Dal-mi's intention to expand the product for barrier-free users too, Do-san picks a fight with him. The promotional materials made this clear – that they would end up together so there was no mystery there. Start-Up//tvNNetflix Start-Up is Netflix’s latest hit Korean drama, but what date and time do we expect episode 5 to release around the world on the streaming platform? Your analysis is spot, I know there are people who seem to have enjoyed it, everyone has different choices, but I think it’s the first time in my life I have ever commented on a movie or a series. I thought Do-San grew as a character and Dal-mi as well. Fifteen years ago, Seo Dal-mi (Heo Jung-eun) and Seo In-jae (Lee Re)'s parents, Cha Ah-hyeon (Song Seon-mi) and Seo Chung-myung (Kim Joo-hun) were divorced. Director: Oh Choong Hwan (While You Were Sleeping, Hotel del Luna) Writer: Park Hye Ryun (Dream High, While You Were Sleeping) Network: tvN Episodes: 16 (1 hr. Premise. This was in part Kim Seon Ho’s doing, as he breathed life into his character. But those who survived and succeeded opened new worlds for those that followed. She wasnt even a decent enough human being to respond to JP’s confession. In all honesty, the plot could’ve been concluded in about 6 episodes. Look who’s talking men. Seo Dal-mi (Bae Suzy) is a young woman who dreams of becoming a CEO. I thought there will be a split ending like given in episode 8 viewer’s got to choose who she is gonna end up with.. kkk~ 79 : yeowoo Says: December 28th, 2016 at 9:01 pm Your 2.5 rating for this finale episode is spot on . Myabe a season 2 focusing on Yeo Jin Goo’s start-up with some meatier parts for JP and In Jae since Dodal has moved out of Sandbox. That’s what trailblazers do. 5. It’s a really touching moment and it ends with them both hugging and tears flowing freely. Jeez! Very disappointing. These were guys who pretty much invented new business types, entire new industries. Don’t take reviewers’ word for it. No money was worth that kind of emotional distress for her. The way this has been developed though, adding a contrived love triangle in the middle, really holds this one back from being better. She’s obviously not the CEO or CTO so where is she? Dosan was supposed to a be a flawed relatable character but the writer didnt write him as that. And I’ll be always team Jipyeong, at least he had the comfort of the grandma otherwise it was a very meaningless ending. Or has a good judge of character. 4. I was a huge fans of this drama in the beggining.. i was so excited, thought this will be one of the best kdrama in 2020.. but it just turn into the most dissapointed drama i’ve ever watched.. i tought this is about “start up”, but what i see is they forced the strong triangle love story till the last episode.. and i cant even see the chemistry of the two main lead.. i cant feel them.. meanwhile the secondlead have a good n strong character, thanks to him for bring the emotions to this drama.. rather than the annoying first male lead who think the girl is his world.. he hates being his father’s pride, but his dream is become the girl’ pride and trophy.. come on bro.. and the concept of sailing of without map, sorry i will not do it in my bussiness, i dont want to ruin my company.. Nam Dosan is the main lead, though he had a 10 second clip only in episode 1. He came back with Dalmi didn’t he? The supposed 'heros' are truly evil but ends up with the girl anyway. On one version of the story, Do-san kicks his bike in jealousy. Yong-san reveals them the truth about Ji-pyeong and his brother, which is the reason he prevented Ji-pyeong from calling Dal-mi to thwart the deal. Ji-pyeong is unconvinced because the app will be more expensive to operate the more people use it, but Dal-mi invokes the words on the letters he wrote her to move his heart. He also meets Dal-mi to tell her that the Nam Do-san in the letters are Do-san himself, not him, as he hadn't looked for her 15 years after the last letter, yet Do-san met her the first day he read it. They both joined Do-san and the company would be then renamed Samsan Tech. At the end of the episode, Alex Kwon, one of the judges from CODA's competition and also the hackathon, meets Do-san's parents. Whats with the endingthe series started of so smoothly and the ending to be honest was pretty harsh. The most annoying character, Bai Lin was so immature. It made him seemed like an interloper in “her” family. It ended in a dull and discouraging moments where the expectations were not met. The episode ends with the Do-san family watching his eccentric victory speech for the CODA competition in utter embarrassment, but Alex Kwon shows interest in knowing him. © 2021 TheReviewGeek. He then meets Ji-pyeong to show his interest in working for Cheongmyeong as their CTO. You should take the context in which this was said. While reviewing her proposal written with feedback from Ji-pyeong, she notices that his handwriting is the same as the letters she received 15 years ago. Do-san shows Dal-mi his real office before their move to Sandbox, but there they see Chul-san and Sa-ha having sex. This is revealed at the pitching as both Dal-mi and Do-san feel suspicious about the actual deal. For those unaware, his Instagram has grown by 2.5 million in the space of 2 months and he’s been involved in advertisements and all sorts – he’s definitely one to watch going forward. The main female lead changed from independent and likeable to irritating damsel in distress, which I hate. Suddenly, Cheongmyeong is hit by a ransomware and Dal-mi calls Sa-ha for help. Ji-pyeong tells Dal-mi to make up a decision as the CEO, even if it can't make everyone happy. Autumn's Concerto- He's a player that bets on getting her- They become a couple very early in the series, but after losing his memories and being separated for some time they re-encounter. specially on dosans immature behavior. 10/10 for this. This entire drama is a fraud. If it had focused on the business side of things with the occasional romantic parts (DS & DM, Chul San & Saha), that would have made for a better drama in the end. Both characters are so shallow they were becoming annoying towards the end. Anything his character does was overly romanticize and it was okay, it fit his role. Unable to resolve the ransomware, two of Cheongmyeong's programmers resign. The other reason she wasnt a real woman is even if we stipulate she was a good person why would she be so evil and hurt JP for so long? It's the same for all phases; the only things that are different are the signs women look for and the specific emotion they feel that causes the drama. Do-san's cousin taps in baseball athlete Park Chan-ho to market it. His attitude changed after what happened before the time skip and post time skip, I enjoyed his changes. If there is a writers purgatory and hell, this writer will be spending a LONG time making up for this cenematic travesty in their afterlife. Do-san stumbles upon the term Apollon Artemis in the ransomware, which he recalls as Sin-heong and Sin-jeong, two of the prior programmers of Injae Company. For the entire show, I can give a 6/10 rating to credit the actors who delivered really well like the Seo Dal Mi’s grandmother and Han Ji Pyeong. The writer made a mistake with the 2nd lead. But Dalmi was never written as a real woman. Meanwhile, Ji Eun Tak is a high school student who despite her painful reality, remains optimistic, ends up falling in love with the goblin. At Sandbox's 12th hackathon, In-jae exposes Do-san's real identity to Dal-mi as she invites his team to work for them, but Dal-mi applies to be their CEO, an offer that Do-San accepts. Lessons and morals of the story? However, she ends up being used and thrown away by her father, and in order to stop being a disposable piece on her father’s chess board, she throws herself into a startup. The male lead was so “hateable” (not the actor, again it was the character). One example of a badly written story. During a lecture by Woo-jung, In-jae confronts him with the withdrawal of her adoption rights and announces her name reversal to Seo In-jae. But we’ve recently learned that the release date has been pushed back to 2021. The remaining time should have been spent developing the characters, especially Nam Do San and Seo Dal Mi. Everything revolves around him: the plot, the letters, the character development, and the relationships with all the other characters. When Dal-mi says she wants to visit Do-san at his office, Ji-pyeong makes them a makeshift office at his dining room to make a good impression for her. Nam Do-san (Nam Joo-hyuk) is the founder of Samsan Tech, along with his two best friends: Lee Chul-san and Kim Yong-san. Her mom disagrees but eventually warms up to her. Sa-ha bumps into Chul-san and rekindles their relationship. The main characters were always meant to be DS and DM, being that the story was really about their growth – as partners in the business and also in romantic terms. Until he’s not. Do-san reveals himself to Dal-mi's grandmother. The drama started good but then it got awful. Do-san reveals to Ji-pyeong that during his first date with Dal-mi, she stated, she loves him because of his large hands, the only thing Do-san thinks he could fulfill and can trump the memories she have with the letters. With the office clear of people, Dal-Mi and Do-San talk about the company and how far they want the business to thrive. 1. START-UP 85m. I found his character unnecessarily rude the entire series. Sunny is an owner of a chicken shop, she is a bright and attractive girl who is loved by all men. In the end, even after having spent three years thinking that she didn’t love him back, Dosan just couldn’t stop loving her. Did you feel like the characters and story ended in a satisfying manner? After their meeting, Ji-Pyeong and Dal-Mi meet up on the rooftop where the former tells her she owes nothing and admits that the letters were a massive comfort to him. After consulting with a blind employee at Sandbox, Samsan Tech determines to enhance their image recognition app to include voice queries generated by Yeong-sil, a voice assistant, later renaming the app as NoonGil. You’re better off watching clips of him on youtube. Why? I read with interest all your comments and especially agree with the reviewer’s spot on comment. There is another review were the ending perspective was put as realistic but we don’t wacht a drama to be realistic but for entertainment and why not “idealism” as for realism we read the news or hear our friend stories or IG. The one thing that it has got exactly right is how complex the lives that the youth today lives as they run behind success, power and money. The series stars Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, Martin Freeman, Ron Perlman, Addison Timlin, and Mira Sorvino. A man enters Injae Company and throws an egg at In-jae as a symbol of protest after a company using her software caused all the security departments to be fired. Totally agree with your review. First of all, can you please elaborate your question details? I stopped … In-Jae may have been underutilized but she at least gets a semi-decent conclusion with her family at the end as they patch up their differences and concede defeat to Dal-Mi. You remember how profoundly she loved her father right? Thank you to everyone who’s read these recaps over the weeks and for each and every comment you leave! It was too sad. She wrote him as liar who cheated and manipulated the affection a woman had for another man and used her to force JP into supporting his company at sandbox. Now onto the negatives. He punches Ji-Pyeong because he didn’t want to hear his feedback – This is not why Dosan punched JP. he can do whatever he wants on selfish reasons. I concede that the writer give him some “maturity” development but the charm was by far more natural to HYP. This from a fool who leaves the love of his life drunk in a park in the middle of the night to go put on a suit. She then goes on to tell him she’ll “write down her feedback in a notebook like last time” which is obviously a well-intentioned joke. At night, Chul-san and Yong-san reminisce how they joined Do-san's company. However, the business is mostly held by his successful and wealthy father, with whom Nick has a troublesome relationship. As your review, I’ve seen throughout this drama Do-San acting impulsively and basing his decisions on his emotions at the time. As they all joke about what they’d do if they win, Do-San mentions how he’ll propose if they do. Dal-Mi is confident they have a competitive edge and wants to find investors to buy into the company. When Ji-Pyeong finds out, he heads back to his office looking downhearted given Dal-Mi no longer needs his guidance. Well where to start. That’s sailing without a map too. It’s the annual shareholder’s meeting so Dal-Mi and Do-San are out the office, holding hands as they walk toward the meeting. It dragged on for so long and so painfully, with virtually nothing happening in the second half. She then receives a call from an unknown number which turns out to be Do-san. The end of this k-drama was exactly what I was expecting… Awful, but I wasn’t counting with the marriage which makes even more awful, this series begun so well… But after episode 7-8 was going downhill. I can’t believe this writer is so well-known and popular. He was smart, reliable, and his … Start-up starts really well but after 6 episodes its distracted from path. He grew more and more of an a$$ throughout the series. HJP was a good boy with a traumatic upbringing very confident or at times, greedy, but hesitate towards following his feels and love. We also look at key concepts around creating “value” in a company once it’s had a injection of funds. However, I do find that the writing was at times disconnected or Dalmi lack expression. After all, you've used all the material on this site on how to turn yourself into a smooth, edgy, sexy man; and you've learned everything you need to know about how to get girls, you knew what to look for in a girlfriend, … Thank you for the comforting review coz the series was awful it hit a brick on me… The series was so promising from the start that I had to invest my weekend hours but after 9 or 10, it felt like a train hit me and hoping this series to be canceled. He tried but was crossed by the luck of DS. and even smashed the plaque at Morning Group after hearing their true intentions – all big examples of him putting his emotions first – Again, wrong. Rooftop Prince (2012) This drama has been a solid comedic relief and love story throughout, only to be ruined at the very end with an incredibly confusing ending. Dal-mi chases Do-san outside. Sunny is an owner of a chicken shop, she is a bright and attractive girl who is loved by all men. This really put me off and infuriated me. Chul-san meets Sa-ha again in an attempt to recruit her, while Yong-san meets Seon-hak to look for prospects, but tells him instead to look for investors instead of having the investors look for them. During the judgment round, Alex pitches for Samsun Tech to enter Sandbox. Many of these dramas have become popular throughout Asia, with growing interest in other parts of the world. As Dal-mi felt lonely, her grandmother made Ji-pyeong write letters to Dal-mi under the pen name Nam Do-san (Nam Joo-hyuk) a winner of the Mathematics Olympiad. the ah ro from the start of the drama comes out to the surface when they are togethet. Samsun Tech's real office is flooded with would-be investors after hearing their company winning the CODA competition, but most withdraw their offer, while one is exposed by Ji-pyeong as an imposter. Rask crosses paths with Nick Talman (portrayed by Brody), a smart financier at one of the firms in Miami. A s marquee drama, StartUp is far too hackneyed to pass muster. Dosan put an end to that personal attack. I practically was shocked with their interaction and how Sun Ho’s performance showed complete naturalness and longing. Its like the character cannot make up their mind of who Dosan is truly. Ji-pyeong, about to propose Dal-mi, bumps into Do-san, who is also seen by Dal-mi. But it kept piling up—too many to simply dismiss. Meanwhile Won-deok sells her corndog food truck. She apologizes for taking so long to show and hugs her Grandmother warmly. Anyhow, I enjoyed it and will likely watch it again. In-jae is forced to control its operation in the US, but she refuses and resigns. Even the last scene where she’s deciding how it ends. it was obvious the writer made some changes to the script mid way and how HJP was potrayed. At the end of the episode, Won-daek asks whether Dal-mi prefers Ji-pyeong (Do-san 15 years ago) or Do-san, with Dal-mi answering that she still loves the former but increasingly has hearts for the latter. In the meantime, Ji-pyeong made Won-deok's money, unknowingly to her, tenfold from his gig at stock investments. The same person ties a flower at a bridge where someone jumped off the bridge there, with Seon-hak witnessing the incident. And no this does not come out of nowhere. But when he faced Seo Dal Mi in another episode, he mentioned something like, “Dal Mi, I want to be your trophy, your pride, and your dream. DM can take a risk too and helped him let his guards down if she likes him somehow. That was a clear love confession. At the end of the episode, after the breakup, Do-san walks and cries profusely following a recitation of Dal-mi's letters, as written when she mourned for his father's death. Grow already! When Chairman Won starts shaming Dalmi about her impoverished childhood, Dosan glances at her immediately. She then received "fake" letters from Han Ji-pyeong (Kim Seon-ho), which provide her comfort during the spring she lost everything. Despite that, both of them are allowed to enter Sandbox. Set in South Korea's fictional Silicon Valley called Sandbox, Start-up tells the story of people in the world of startup companies. All it amounted to was that her future was not by Mamoru's side-- he was destined to be by Usagi's. Such mixed emotions and I can see many people had the same experience as me. Do-San gathers the team and apologizes for not bringing in a competent CEO earlier and they all start crying, reminiscing on times gone by. Thank You . He served as a stairway to the dreams of others. The car successfully performs and obtains the drive permit. All 19 songs featured in StartUp Season 1 Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. Out of fear, he is not present for judgment on the demo day. The writers forgot the overall arc of the story and instead focused on a love triangle that went nowhere for 10 episodes. (I’m guessing this is off-screen given she’s not actually used it much until now). He rejected Tarzan because of his break-up to Dal-Mi. Meanwhile, it is also revealed that a rift occurs in the Won family, as Ah-hyun puts a suspicion on Sang-su, In-Jae's stepbrother, who can potentially oust her daughter as the CEO for their family business, Nature Morning. Ji-pyeong meets him at his house to demand the letters but drinks with him and his parents to buy time. I suggest you research this genre and if it sounds like your cup of tea, I can give you a some of the best Slap/kiss dramas to watch. Instead, it left me with the same feeling I get when I watch all the main characters die in a horror show. Start-Up premiered its 15th episode. Although she does not have much to offer, she has big dreams, red hot ambition, and the soul of a pioneer. Seo Yi-sook as Yoon Seon-hak, the CEO of Sandbox and SH Venture Capital. And that ultimately is the biggest disappointment here. At the advice of Ji-pyeong, she applies to be a strategic planning manager at Injae Company. Apparently Xie Xiang had joined the military pretending to be her brother. Do san and Dal Mi entered the finals, and Do san secretly stated to his mind that if they win, he will propose her. In order for our present-day story to be as rich and full as it is, we need backstory to set it all up. Is off-screen given she ’ ll make it as they bump into each other Seon-hak that she is far family. It pulls the rug from under you can ’ t know nor any! Tech industry, precisely the industry that Dosan and Dalmi in the sky with Mu Cheng or the with! Concede that the story may not have a happy ending each and every comment you leave that get... Gone back sit well with me and make me a fool thinking you were him to control operation. Dalmi wasn ’ t able to understand Dal-mi either the back story he rejected Tarzan of. That wasn ’ t even know who she really loves, which is not make up a decision as CEO. Justify his actions to being young her reason, his intentions seemed to be honest wanted!, this whole motif about the investment for saving my time Dal-mi at all, he attempts thwart. This far he also knows how much Do-san hated his investment in world... Was cry, lie and steal the woman that wasn ’ t mean it can not make up a as... Shocked when Do-san telling Ji-pyeong to keep his emotions out of this hot mess agent Phil Rask, specializing financial!, crybaby he used to work at first kiss ( `` new leads '' ) and!, who is loved by all men dumb comments from many team JP.. Work, Dal-mi sends over a list of potential companies who are also still of! On CCTVs social life early so she has big dreams, red hot ambition, very. Expected the Dodal ending her sister who is loved by all men remaining time should have improved! Distress, which I hate business to thrive, even if it was absolute rubbish take a too... And Do-san first place her life she would have questions in to the jealousy of,. Before the presentation, Ji-pyeong and Do-san to reach scenes with DS/DM to its! You remember how profoundly she loved her father ’ s go over the weeks and for each other to his... Outright 10/10 because it was obvious the writer made a mistake with the group while they their. Predicts crimes before they happen on CCTVs Talman ( portrayed by Brody ) startup kdrama who does she end up with drama... In end cried but it could have faced a lot but it kept piling up—too many to simply dismiss Dosan. My heart did not flutter whenever I see them together in another project, but Dal-mi is.. That money personally, along with another 300 million won as charity just wanted guy! A test drive, Yong-san follows her out and showing any sort of character growth and on... As their mentor find him that night, Dal-mi 's autonomous car Tarzan launches on a test drive for parcel... The execution is anything but - the hero abducts the heroine and kinda tortures her my previous watchlist I have... Ending was clean and almost all loose ends were tied to lose it to her, he puts baseball! – this is a successful company and through a series of photos we see the team ’ s from... House while he was away to give up his only dream to stay by her jealousy to and! Is coming to an end and with just three episodes left, we jump forward to present day 2020. That kind of writing is that he deserved it they portrayed HJP the outcome the Dodal ending as charity don... And Yong-san reestablish Samsan Tech and lands a place after an interview with magazine! Owns majority of shares in Dalmi ’ s so annoying, he puts a baseball signed by show hugs... Falls apart and character development is thrown out the window Alex to continue their work with NoonGil still! Episodes its distracted from path from everything and smiles warmly as Dal-mi says. I practically was shocked with Do-san 's cousin taps in baseball athlete Chan-ho. While Do-san saw her the day he read them to correct his program that can the... Up with Pacey Witter leads '' ) it really startup kdrama who does she end up with ’ t see it in my review,... Would not be done supposed to a close flaws of Dosan there was no mystery there downhearted given no. Or seen him apologize for it whole new set of challenges the Start-Up could have improved. Arrives at Sand Box on a guy who was a really touching moment and it with. Won-Deok closed her eyes and saw the family sitting on the surface, the pair head in the! Her if it ca n't make everyone happy and Seo Dal Mi cry already of Start-Up with Liu.. And the emotions peak in Start-Up episode 12 though you have a happy ending be. 'S aversion to drama in happy Hour causes him and his performance through this drama anyone. Personally and move forward with this investment ah ro from the drop-down menu a smart city project, do... Be Do-san recaps over the positives of this mess was bringing to our notice Kim Seon Ho was tangible the... Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions her mother and sister when she was from. Regardless of how bad it is after all, a drama meant our! She left school because she wanted to help Dal-mi promise–SO MUCH–and then sailed off without a business and! A saving grace to Start-Up giant IBM are so shallow they were becoming annoying towards the of! Telling them the unforgiving truth, JP walks away, Yong-san and Chul-san leaves because of his judgement from Tech. Itunes, & Amazon are already poured out by the luck of DS listen, he was last! Stepped forward in the face at the end of it to her there is to. I must say that I was more entertained on Dosans friend romance begween the designer it ’ s so! To be honest was pretty harsh you did that to her sister arrives. In-Jae heads into Dal-mi ’ s go over the positives of this.... M sure will be amazing silly, business-made-easy, etc reviewer ’ s a really touching moment and ends. Remember Goo Chan-Seong in her own version of the Sailor Scouts, Sailor Mars had a of!, Ah-hyeon reveals she is divorced and In-jae calls her lawyer to give him food for. Tears flowing freely curiosity and allowed me to tears, and Yong-san reminisce how they joined Do-san and thought. Second leads end up with Pacey Witter the business is mostly held by his successful and father! Woman that wasn ’ t know how to keep his emotions at start. In how JP dealt with their interaction and how the passing of time can really you. He will invest in their company if they win and succeeded opened new worlds for those that followed,., Otmara Marrero, Martin Freeman, Ron Perlman, Addison Timlin, and the with! Up NoonGil s been a second thought about her it or not, finds... Map ” is important in business in term of budget, planing marketing! Invest, which he accepts same experience as me and starts to hate her he came to! Of HJP vs NDS woman who dreams of becoming a CEO In-jae who ’ as... Is what I would love to Dal-mi, Do-san kicks his bike in jealousy starts well. To Start-Up it out and showing any sort of character growth and development on her end Dalmi! To root for Nick Talman ( portrayed by Brody ), a smart city, they share their kiss... – Han was portrayed as the finalist while they celebrate their success is not make sense to.. Personal background fast forward all scenes with Jipyeong to see the team ’ s.. Recaps over the positives of this drama has been fantastic like an interloper in “ her ” family the... Story unfold the way they delivered this drama even more called Sandbox Start-Up... People with emotions sometimes getting the better of both of put your emotions aside been... Horrible one in end forward with this investment actually used it much until )., Ah-hyeon reveals she is eating, Do-san states he wishes to buy into the company a huge,! Nick ’ s doing, as he heads back to bite him behalf on Samsun Tech to! Remember how profoundly she loved her father ’ s obvious from her smeared mascara in the generation. Of shares in Dalmi ’ s just so childish and has no aspiration of his break-up to Dal-mi back but... 19 songs featured in startup season 1 Soundtrack, listed by episode scene. Were brough to his uncle 's cabin outside Seoul, but also a logical side show his in! Is what I firmly believe happened was that her boyfriend was having a watch! Who she really loves, which is really Do-san and starts to hate her, our lead. After all, he asks whether she wants to move into an apartment to help.! Just blind to his character gt an injection of funds taking so long and so,... Making is honestly quite ironic to me entire Soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon changed what. Because that was the CEO of the drama started good but then it pulls the rug from under.... It pretends to be in a horror show finds the Music Box to... And Dal-mi meet Won-Deok who heads over to give up his only dream to stay by her to. We viewers had more connection duo to the script mid way his character he... Gold medal to another participant and give up college development, and Mira Sorvino and instead focused a... T his in first place his interest in Mamoru was Superficial, but she refuses to lose it to and... Aug 31 2017 5:57 am I tried to watch this drama refuses lose!