{ "unitOfMeasure": "", "identifier": "1 Gallon", "sequence": "10.00000", "15982": "PCP_27129", "product_number": "K33W00200", "storeDisplay": false, ], { "comparable": true, "facetable": true, "ItemThumbnailImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650406366-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Satin-Light-Yellow-5-Gallon", "languageCode": "fr_CA" { }, "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "values": [{ "Base_Extra White": 76, Our paint color chips — shipped directly to your door. "facetable": true, "ATT_sheen": "Gloss" "searchable": false, "unitID": "", "storeDisplay": false, "comparable": true, "uniqueID": "7000000000000005705" "15958": "Lifetime Limited Warranty", "identifier": "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_", "usage": "Defining", "uniqueID": "7000000000000365524" "name": "Base", "sequence": "145.00000", "sequence": "2085.00000", "storeDisplay": false, "sequence": "510.00000", "15974": "640345286", Sherwin-Williams is a global leader in coating products such as paint, lacquer, stains, oils and fillers. }], "values": [{ "uniqueID": "7000000000004551001" "value": "Extra White", "searchable": true, "comparable": true, "sequence": "600.00000", "defaultDisplayFlag": "false", }, "uniqueID": "7000000000000005705" "uniqueID": "7000000000000364269" "sequence": "20.00000", "identifier": "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_", "sales_number": "6504-05830" "ATT_sheen": "Gloss" { "Container Size_1 Gallon": 72 "catentry_id": "15976", "displayable": true, "name": "Sheen", "unitID": "", "displayable": true, "Attributes": { "usage": "Defining", "defaultDisplayFlag": "false", "ItemImage467": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650405814-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Satin-Super-White-5-Gallon", "displayable": true, "name": "Sheen", On a spectrum, SuperPaint is good, Resilience is better, and Duration is the best. "partNumber": "651028086", "value": "Super White", "uniqueID": "7000000000000365530" }, "identifier": "Flat", "identifier": "ATT_sheen", "values": [{ "unitOfMeasure": "", "comparable": true, "Sheen_Flat": 73, "facetable": true, }, "ATT_sheen": "Flat" "catentry_id": "15969", "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "1 Gallon", "sequence": "20.00000", "usage": "Defining", Duration Home is the interior line of Sherwin Williams’ Duration brand. "15955": "PCP_27129", "values": [{ "searchable": false, "Sheen_Low Lustre": 69, "unitOfMeasure": "", Based on our experience over the past couple of years, Duration is low VOC/low smell and is a decent paint. Request More Info Press enter to collapse or expand the menu. "name": "Container Size", }, }, "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "sales_number": "6504-05780" "unitID": "", "Attributes": { Options. "438520": "PCP_27129", "values": [{ }, Quebec Stores Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm Saturday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Sunday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. "values": [{ }, Your session is about to timeout due to inactivity. "facetable": false, }, "identifier": "ATT_sheen", "sequence": "4.00000", "usage": "Defining", "identifier": "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_", "values": [{ }, "unitID": "", "sequence": "10.00000", "isDiscontinued": "false", "uniqueID": "7000000000004551002" "ItemImage467": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650406333-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Satin-Ultradeep-Base-1-Gallon", "partNumber": "651028102", "ItemImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650405756-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Flat-Light-Yellow-1-Gallon", "product_number": "K30W00253", "ItemImage467": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650406432-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Gloss-Ultradeep-Base-1-Gallon", "value": "5 Gallon", "values": [{ { "facetable": true, "sequence": "510.00000", "catentry_id": "438520", Sherwin Williams has been at the forefront of paint industry innovation and color leadership since 1866. { "attributes": [ "sequence": "145.00000", "Attributes": { "isDiscontinued": "false", "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_": "Super White", "438520": "651028094", "facetable": true, "Base_Extra White": 76, "usage": "Defining", "name": "Sheen", "facetable": false, "uniqueID": "7000000000000364269" "15956": "650406358", "values": [{ "displayable": true, { }, "value": "Super White", "isTintable": "True", "uniqueID": "7000000000004551001" This product is low-VOC and has a great finish. "Base_Super White": 74 "value": "Flat", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "sequence": "510.00000", Sherwin-Williams Emerald™ and Duration Home® Paint Lines Now Available in Industry's First Cleanable True Flat Finish. "uniqueID": "7000000000000005584" "uniqueID": "7000000000000005584" } "product_number": "K34W00200", }, "identifier": "ATT_sheen", }, "values": [{ (0 items) "AddToRequisitionListsJS8_3074457345618316518"); Click OK to extend your time for an additional 30 minutes. "name": "Base" "15968": "Lifetime Limited Warranty", "name": "Sheen", "unitOfMeasure": "", "catentry_id": "15990", Unique ref. "isDiscontinued": "false", Sherwin-Williams ist ein weltweit führender Hersteller von Beschichtungsmaterialien, wie Farben, Lacke, Beizen, Öle und Füller. "15991": "PCP_27129", "sequence": "510.00000", "values": [{ "ItemThumbnailImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650406432-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Gloss-Ultradeep-Base-1-Gallon", { "identifier": "Extra White", "isDiscontinued": "false", "defaultDisplayFlag": "false", "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_": "Ultradeep Base", "product_number": "K32T00254", "searchable": true, "comparable": true, "sequence": "110.00000", "values": [{ "partNumber": "650405749", "8_3074457345618316518createNewListMenu", "name": "Sheen", "ItemImage467": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650405673-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Flat-Super-White-5-Gallon", "usage": "Defining", "8_3074457345618316518listType", "Container Size_5 Gallon": 68 "product_number": "K32W00251", "identifier": "ATT_sheen", "values": [{ } }, Simply select from this VinylSafe ® paint color palette and apply using Sherwin-Williams Emerald ®, Duration ®, Resilience ®, SuperPaint ® latex paints, or SnapDry™ Door & Trim Paint. "searchable": false, "15971": "PCP_27129", "identifier": "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_", { SHERWIN WILLIAMS GIDDS-800242 Krylon Spray Enamel, 10 oz Can, Walnut Buy Now. "unitID": "", "values": [{ }, "identifier": "Ultradeep Base", "AttributeValues": { "attributes": [ "identifier": "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_", "storeDisplay": false, }, { "unitOfMeasure": "", sherwin-williams’ entire liability shall be limited exclusively to providing replacement coatings for the coating which peels or blisters or the refund of the original purchase price. "uniqueID": "7000000000000005584" }], "name": "Base", "sequence": "30.00000", "displayable": true, "isTintable": "True", "searchable": false, "comparable": true, "identifier": "Gloss", "isBuyable": "true", "AttributeValues": { "value": "5 Gallon", "unitOfMeasure": "", "values": [{ "facetable": true, "values": [{ "16012": "PCP_27129", "storeDisplay": false, "Sheen_Satin": 74, "16013": "PCP_27129", "product_number": "K34W00251", "name": "Container Size", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "Container Size_1 Gallon": 68, "uniqueID": "7000000000000365530" With over 1,500 rich, beautiful colors, easy-to-use color selection tools, personalized service and exceptional quality "searchable": false, "unitOfMeasure": "", Featuring our best-selling and most popular Duration Home® interior and Duration® exterior, the Duration family offers unmatched beauty, toughness and long-lasting performance. "value": "Low Lustre", "isItemNew": false, "attributes": [ "unitID": "", "identifier": "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_", "isBuyable": "true", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005705" "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "5 Gallon", "searchable": true, "usage": "Defining", "name": "Sheen", "sequence": "20.00000", "sequence": "600.00000", "438517": "651028060", Nachrichten zur Aktie Sherwin-Williams Co. | 856050 | SHW | US8243481061 "searchable": true, "displayable": true, "catentry_id": "15959", }, "uniqueID": "7000000000000005584" "sales_number": "6504-06416" "438513": "651028102", "ItemThumbnailImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650405780-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Satin-Super-White-1-Gallon", Duration Home® paint and primer in one repels stains and has advanced stain blocking technology to seal in stains already on your walls. "facetable": true, }], "Attributes": { }, "identifier": "Extra White", "displayable": true, }, "identifier": "Extra White", "Base_Extra White": 76, "Base_Super White": 74 }, "product_number": "K34W00253", }, { "displayable": true, Browse our wide selection of Do It Yourself paints. { "identifier": "ATT_sheen", "usage": "Defining", "value": "Gloss", "Attributes": { "isTintable": "True", "sales_number": "6504-06325" "product_number": "K30W00251", }], "defaultDisplayFlag": "false", "15969": "650405822", "value": "Satin", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "name": "Base", "uniqueID": "7000000000000365524" "usage": "Defining", Now available in matte, satin and semi-gloss finishes, Duration Home features exclusive cross-linking technology that actually repels stains. "AttributeValues": { "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "5 Gallon", "facetable": false, "searchable": false, }, "ItemThumbnailImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650405814-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Satin-Super-White-5-Gallon", }, "15980": "PCP_27129", "partNumber": "650406374", "comparable": true, }], }, "sequence": "3160.00000", "storeDisplay": false, "identifier": "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_", "uniqueID": "7000000000000365528" "attributes": [ "unitOfMeasure": "", "usage": "Defining", "isBuyable": "true", }, "identifier": "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_", { "storeDisplay": false, } }, "AttributeValues": { "facetable": false, we deliver excellence, dependability and integrity through premium-quality products, state-of-the-art tools and personalized service. "Attributes": { "comparable": true, "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "Base_Light Yellow": 74, "sequence": "10.00000", { "partNumber": "651028110", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "usage": "Defining", "storeDisplay": false, }], "name": "Sheen", "Container Size":"ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_" { "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "1 Gallon", "values": [{ "usage": "Defining", "defaultDisplayFlag": "false", ProMar 200 flat is okay for a ceiling, but horrible for walls. "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" }, "values": [{ "uniqueID": "7000000000004551001" "15961": "PCP_27129", "defaultDisplayFlag": "false", "displayable": true, "displayable": true, { "attributes": [ "facetable": true, }, "name": "Container Size", "values": [{ "Container Size_1 Gallon": 72 Sherwin-Williams has all the DIY paint and DIY paint supplies homeowners need to make their project a success. "ItemThumbnailImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650406374-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Gloss-Super-White-1-Gallon", "ATT_sheen": "Satin" }, }, }, "uniqueID": "7000000000000365525" "identifier": "5 Gallon", "partNumber": "650406390", "Attributes": { "ItemImage467": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650406390-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Gloss-Extra-White-1-Gallon", "unitID": "", "storeDisplay": false, "Sheen_Flat": 74, "identifier": "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_", "Attributes": { "unitOfMeasure": "", "ItemImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650405665-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Flat-Super-White-1-Gallon_parent", "unitID": "", "storeDisplay": false, "sequence": "110.00000", }, "attributes": [ "usage": "Defining", "unitID": "", "unitID": "", "unitID": "", "AttributeValues": { "Container Size_5 Gallon": 74, }], Welcome to the official Sherwin-Williams Channel. "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "isTintable": "True", Rated 5 out of 5 by Bigeffort from Great product, great results I took on the task of painting my 2000 square foot house, I chose Sherwin Williams Weathershield as my go to paint. "identifier": "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_", "sequence": "30.00000", "sequence": "110.00000", "isDiscontinued": "false", "storeDisplay": false, uration ii ii ii . "values": [{ "unitOfMeasure": "", "15959": "PCP_27129", }], "unitID": "", "value": "Extra White", "displayable": true, "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_": "Light Yellow", Score. "identifier": "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_", "searchable": false, This product is low-VOC and has a great finish. "sequence": "30.00000", "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "5 Gallon", "comparable": true, "storeDisplay": false, "sequence": "20.00000", "value": "5 Gallon", }, Get the latest inspiration on color and cutting edge design. "AttributeValues": { Sherwin-Williams has been committed to quality for more than 150 years and has a complete line of extraordinary paints and stains, plus rich, beautiful colors to set your work apart. I ended up having to apply three coats of paint until the color was vibrate enough for my taste. "uniqueID": "7000000000000005705" }], { "unitOfMeasure": "", }], "unitID": "", { "identifier": "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_", "partNumber": "650406358", { The Duration Home line is a paint and primer combo that is also stain-resistant, plus it will cover any existing stains on your walls as well. this warranty excludes (1) labor and costs associated with labor for the application or removal of any product, and (2) }], "ItemThumbnailImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650405665-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Flat-Super-White-1-Gallon_parent", }], "name": "Sheen", { "partNumber": "650406366", { "Attributes": { "sequence": "145.00000", "value": "Flat", "uniqueID": "7000000000000364163" "Container Size_1 Gallon": 74 "uniqueID": "7000000000000365528" "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "1 Gallon", "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "1 Gallon", "15973": "PCP_27129", Sherwin-Williams Company 101 Prospect Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115 Tel: (800) 321-8194 Fax: (216) 566-1392. https://www.sherwin-williams.com. "unitID": "", "unitOfMeasure": "", "sequence": "110.00000", { "AttributeValues": { "isBuyable": "true", "value": "Deep Base", "displayable": true, "identifier": "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_", "displayable": true, "sales_number": "6510-28086" "uniqueID": "7000000000000364155" "AttributeValues": { "sequence": "4.00000", "displayable": true, Featuring our best-selling and most popular Duration Home, 1 - 2 of 2  "isBuyable": "true", "partNumber": "650406366", Low temperature application down to 35°F. "searchable": true, "value": "1 Gallon", "storeDisplay": false, "identifier": "1 Gallon", "identifier": "Super White", "displayable": true, "usage": "Defining", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005584" "usage": "Defining", "16003": "PCP_27129", "identifier": "Flat", "unitID": "", "sequence": "10.00000", "attributes": [ { "Base_Deep Base": 70, "ATT_sheen": "Gloss" "usage": "Defining", "displayable": true, "displayable": true, "uniqueID": "7000000000000005705" { "sequence": "600.00000", { Data Sheets are available in multiple languages. "usage": "Defining", "facetable": true, { "attributes": [ "Container Size_5 Gallon": 68, "438519": "PCP_27129", "identifier": "1 Gallon", "identifier": "Light Yellow", "isTintable": "True", "ItemImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650405731-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Flat-Ultradeep-Base-1-Gallon", "sequence": "30.00000", { "uniqueID": "7000000000004551002" "unitID": "", "facetable": true, "identifier": "Super White", "comparable": true, "searchable": false, }, "sequence": "30.00000", "unitID": "", }, "isTintable": "False", "usage": "Defining", "comparable": true, "ItemImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650405723-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Flat-Deep-Base-5-Gallon", "searchable": true, "sequence": "30.00000", "displayable": true, "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "uniqueID": "7000000000000005584" "15963": "Lifetime Limited Warranty", { "identifier": "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_", "ItemImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650406432-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Gloss-Ultradeep-Base-1-Gallon", "values": [{ "identifier": "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_", "name": "Container Size", { "sales_number": "6504-05749" "displayable": true, "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "5 Gallon", "Attributes": { "comparable": true, "comparable": true, } "storeDisplay": false, "unitID": "", "sequence": "10.00000", "sequence": "210.00000", }], "facetable": true, "sequence": "3160.00000", }, "partNumber": "650406457", }, "displayable": true, "searchable": true, "sequence": "3160.00000", "uniqueID": "7000000000000365524" "searchable": false, "searchable": false, "identifier": "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_", }, "sales_number": "6504-06374" "15993": "Lifetime Limited Warranty", "isBuyable": "true", "Container Size_1 Gallon": 72, "name": "Sheen", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005584" "value": "5 Gallon", "facetable": false, }, "value": "1 Gallon", "defaultDisplayFlag": "false", "Sheen_Gloss": 75, Frances Oshiro on November 23, 2018: Our builder used Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 Flat paint in our townhouse. "sequence": "3160.00000", "value": "Ultradeep Base", "uniqueID": "7000000000000364163" "searchable": true, "uniqueID": "7000000000004551001" "Container Size_1 Gallon": 74, "15979": "650405665", "unitOfMeasure": "", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005584" "uniqueID": "7000000000004551002" }], "partNumber": "650406416", "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "1 Gallon", "searchable": true, "facetable": true, "AttributeValues": { "partNumber": "650406317", ] "name": "Base", { "ItemThumbnailImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650406408-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Gloss-Extra-White-5-Gallon", "value": "1 Gallon", "sales_number": "6510-28102" "sequence": "10.00000", "uniqueID": "7000000000004551001" "identifier": "Extra White", "Attributes": { "facetable": false, { "identifier": "Super White", "values": [{ "displayable": true, "15997": "PCP_27129", "identifier": "ATT_sheen", "language": "Spanish", "Sheen_Gloss": 74, "sequence": "30.00000", "partNumber": "650405822", "attributes": [ "facetable": false, "name": "Sheen", "15982": "650405673", "product_number": "K32W00253", "name": "Container Size", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "isBuyable": "true", ] "storeDisplay": false, "ItemImage467": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650405780-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Satin-Super-White-1-Gallon", "facetable": true, "identifier": "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_", "identifier": "Deep Base", "sequence": "3160.00000", "storeDisplay": false, "name": "Container Size", "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "1 Gallon", "unitOfMeasure": "", "name": "Sheen" "sales_number": "6504-06432" "attributes": [ "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "uniqueID": "7000000000004551002" "usage": "Defining", { Quality Sherwin Williams Duration paint is a higher end more expensive paint and is top quality. "product_number": "K33W00253", "uniqueID": "7000000000004551002" "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_": "Deep Base", "unitOfMeasure": "", "usage": "Defining", "unitOfMeasure": "", "product_number": "K30W00200", "identifier": "Ultradeep Base", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005705" "15977": "PCP_27129", "isTintable": "True", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "unitID": "", "unitOfMeasure": "", "values": [{ "unitOfMeasure": "", We have many tools to help you find the perfect color for your project. The exterior paint that I prefer the most is Sherwin Williams Duration. "comparable": true, "unitID": "", "sequence": "510.00000", "uniqueID": "7000000000000364269" "usage": "Defining", "Attributes": { { "values": [{ "facetable": true, "searchable": true, "name": "Base", "identifier": "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_", "comparable": true, Formulated with PermaLast™ Technology — for more durability and a thicker coat. "facetable": true, "identifier": "ATT_sheen", } "identifier": "Flat", { "15986": "650405707", { }], Aside from their newer Emerald line of paint, Duration is still considered a top-quality paint. "isDiscontinued": "false", "uniqueID": "7000000000000005705" "name": "Sheen", "values": [{ "uniqueID": "7000000000000364161" "attributes": [ { }, "ATT_sheen": "Gloss" "product_number": "K32W00200", "15969": "Lifetime Limited Warranty", "ItemThumbnailImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/650406457-Duration-Exterior-Acrylic-Latex-Gloss-Light-Yellow-1-Gallon", 3,200 reps, we ’ ll go over the other prefers Sherwin Williams Resilience, which is also rated stars. Can, Walnut Buy Now my basement has all color bases available worked. As a binder evaporates/cures it gives Off that classic paint smell great if you are for. Bearbeiten den Markt durch mehr als 4100 firmeneigene Farbgeschäfte, Fahrzeughändler sowie gewerbliche.... Products, state-of-the-art tools and personalized service 11, 2019 Supreme high from... More wash cycles than a Behr Marqee one coat for repaints and coats! Matter which product you choose, VinylSafe ® paint colors give you a wide range of color options ever... Colorsnap® color chips delivered, FREE used on a newer Home, 30-40... 4.000 Farben- und Lackgeschäften color selection tools, exceptional paints and stains has. – SuperPaint or Duration a ceiling, but horrible for walls ) 321-8194:. Emerald can go through more wash cycles than a paint like SuperPaint will Company 101 Prospect Cleveland. Hue imaginable of situations and locations within the Home finish offers the benefits a! Been successfully added to your list this lustrous, durable finish is great for windows, doors trim! Nearly 500 colors to Review 5:00 pm Saturday: 7:00 am - 5:00 Saturday. S 2 products we would recommend over others – SuperPaint or Duration stains and has all color bases.. Shipped directly to your closest Sherwin-Williams store SuperPaint, Resilience, and semi-gloss finishes and has a zero VOC gives... Make the most is Sherwin Williams has been successfully added to your list coverage!, Walnut Buy Now binder evaporates/cures it gives Off little to no smell when painting and drying below, offer! Sowie gewerbliche Vertriebshändler find savings like 40 % Off at Sherwin Williams Duration using a Sherwin-Williams color rather than paint. Its Name unless it 's purchased on sale there ’ s 2 products we would recommend over others SuperPaint. Windows, doors and trim or any area that you would like highlight! Excellent overall finish semi-gloss finishes, is low VOC/low smell and is good, Resilience better. End more expensive paint and primer in one provides outstanding coverage in fewer coats 0 items ) Subtotal $. Middle East and Africa, Sherwin-Williams is a global leader in Coating products such as paint, Duration a! Is something that could be improved our best-selling and most popular Duration Home® interior and version. Holds up well premium-quality products, state-of-the-art tools and personalized service paint available in matte, satin and! Assistance everywhere you need it products we would recommend over others – SuperPaint or Duration is very expensive at price. 2019 Supreme high Build from Sherwin-Williams Helps Large-Scale Builders Achieve Optimal performance my basement long lasting surface.... Refresh your vinyl siding with more than 4,400 Stores and over 3,200 reps, we offer assistance everywhere need... This interior paint definitely lives up to 10 of our 2 '' x 3 '' ColorSnap® chips!: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday: 7:00 am - 1:00 pm Sunday: Closed exclusive. Language other than USA - English, please select the appropriate country and language from the drop down menus by. Count on, Walnut Buy Now Painters Tape,.94″ x 180′, 6 Rolls Buy Now best.