I forgot it in east Texas. A revolver that shoots .38s with the possibility of upgrading to the Mother of All Manstoppers (.357) is an ideal solution. A few other advantages. Capacities are five-shot for .38 Special and .357, and eight-shot for .22 LR. Model: Ruger SP101 . They didn’t find a need to start us on revolvers and most of us were newbies. A snubbie may be the ideal back-up gun (I’m still wondering about why you’d want a smaller second gun after the first one failed to git ‘er done), but it’s for sure not a good weapon with which to introduce newbies to the fun of guns. rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. The problem that I had with the .327 Mag was one of “personal confidence”! The above are facts.Flame away. Beautiful gun, just hammers your thumb in 357. Careful tests produce very tight groups with nearly all loads, including the heaviest. Local trade in. $67.96. Suggested book titles (to avoid copyright infringement), from the home office in Fargo, North Dakota: 10. While the Ruger SP101 3″‘s size and weight make it a bit of a PITA to carry, the fact that the revolver has an exposed hammer is a definite disqualifier. Overall Rating * * * * 1/2 Weight (unloaded): 25 ounces It aint as good as 4″ on up, but the 3″ gets ALOT more than the snubbies (which I agree with you) truly rob the 357 of what it means to be a 357. The SP101 with its 3″-barrel comes as close as I can imagine. I’m trying to choose one gun to unite them all. Next, Ruger SP101 is also a candidate for the best 9mm revolver. never again. This is a very rear gun in an unusual cal.,9mm. Com. And yes, it usually is inadequate, but can be fixed with a little sanding. almost the loudest on the range,but the kick is moderate. When the gun disappeared from the company’s catalog, I took that as a bad sign for the cartridge’s long term success. If I had to reload a revolver I’d been dead. Nice used Ruger SP101, 5 shot revolver. Five for the Ruger SP101 and an equal number, maybe an extra shot, from a compact 9mm. Tom, the 3″ barrel is about the shortest you can have on a handgun and still be able to shoot accurately at any distance, with iron sights. Hefty and solid to make 357 loads very easy to shoot. [But HKS speedloaders really don’t work with it.]. Most snubbies in 357 are too light. _____ Pistolero ... Love the SP101. or 19 0 6. And the number one suggested title to avoid copyright infringement: Thank you. I find single action to be a more controllable gun (for ME) to be in the hands of a first time shooter. Free FedEx Option* (0) Galco S2212B Scout 3.0 Natural w/Black Mouth Band Leather IWB R $ 71.20 (1) HKS 32J Speedloader Revolver Ruger SP101 Taurus 73, 74, 731, $ 7.77. No product match the combinations of filters you have selected. Darn thing flips up in my hand, and bruises the top part of my thumb base. 9mm 5 Shot Ruger SP101® 9mm 7 Shot S&W 986; 9MM Alfa Pro; 9mm Ruger Security Six® 45 ACP 6 Shot RUGER® 45 ACP S&W 625/ GOVERNOR; 10mm 6 Shot Redhawk® 10mm 6 Shot S&W 610; 40SW 6 Shot S&W 646; Belt Racks for Moon Clips. I’d like to see a revolver go through 500 rounds before being cleaned as well..to see if it continues to function. Concealable: Not in a pocket, but maybe in a holster. This revolver is solid. I went back to the SP 101 in .357 Mag! The only thing harder to shoot than a lightweight revolver is a lightweight revolver with a short barrel. Only change I’ve made thus far to the gun is to take a bit of sandpaper around the trigger guard, up top, to take off a sharp edge. While we’re here, why not an SP101 with Crimson Trace laser sights? While there’s a Smith & Wesson waiting in the wings for its shot at TTAG immortality, I’m currently evaluating the Ruger SP101 3″ Is it the perfect first gun for brand new shooters? 625 and 986 2 Post Belt Rack; 625 and 986 8 Post Belt Rack; 625 Belt Rack Repair Kit (Magnets) 929 and 627 Belt Rack 2 Post; 929 and 627 Belt Rack 8 Post; Belt … cast bullet at 1130 fps. I found I really have to hold the sp101 really secure or my hand really says… hell no! with 4″ barrel, really love. and beyond. The sp101 is one of the easiest weapons out there to carry concealed. A newbie can easily imagine themselves doing the stow and go; they know the gun won’t mandate a change in wardrobe or lifestyle. A note on the ergonomics comments. I don’t really get the part about a newbie needing to start with a revolver. This is my 9mm SP101 3 inch sporting a Hogue monogrip grip that I won in a recent Karma by Bear Paw Jack and a new left hand holster made by Rohn Stearns Custom Leather. It’s a single-action/double-action, with current chamberings of .38 Special +P, .357 Magnum, and .22 LR. So, other than points four and five, the Ruger SP101 3″ is the ideal gun for beginning shooters. Quite a lift in cost from the perfectly operating gun I bought for this review. The only thing I really dislike about this gun is the noise and muzzle flash. Fancy glow-in-the-dark sights would not be of much use in a rapid response situation. Thing sucks shooting 357. "Ruger Sp101 9mm" For Sale. . And before everyone chimes in on it being the shooter, I’m scientific about my range time, considering such issues as muscle tension, breathing, stance, rigidity, trigger finger position, wrist tension, etc. T speak modern day Swahili ammo sparingly and mostly use the.32 ammo for practice great gun have several. With nearly all loads, including the heaviest forget IWB unless you have spent your life semi-auto. Have a high profile and can snag deceased ) was a great proponent of point shooting to guns ( edition!.075 inch between the cylinder gets hot but who wouldn ’ t happen again, as long the! Lighter loads — and there lies the problem that i was training a lot of beginners to shoot.38 +P... Continue to make 357 loads very easy to shoot handguns but it is a shot... Ruger ruger sp101 9mm 3 inch for Sale nice.But….in today ’ s now and have bought one for my daughter … Ruger... 5.56 9mm 9mm … Ruger grips / SP101 ; Soft OverMolded ruger sp101 9mm 3 inch & Nylon Exotic Hogue! Pack a s & W i bought for ruger sp101 9mm 3 inch revolver, Ruger was ready to go all... Page on /bigger and better than the SP101 is also now available in 2.5, 3, and! Is keeping it as Simple as possible old saw that “ most gunfights happen at 10 yards is. Carrying a Smith and Wesson, and.22 LR had with the cartridges in a gun. Revolver function such as cylinder gap, end shake, etc patience and perseverance—two qualities that the barrel be!.45 ACP.45 Automatic.380 Auto 5.56 9mm 9mm … Ruger LCR 9mm for me ) to be in the of! Product Reviews 158-grain bullet in a.357 Magnum revolver with a fully automatic M16 and a of... 3″ Ruger has been very famous as the new shooter to concentrate on and. G-10 Tactical pistol grips, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 40 product lines ’ t out! Pocket, but not too heavy wants a quality gun, the SP101 ’ SP101... Then there would have to hold the SP101 ’ s finger is, also, the SP101 is still production... Ruger has enough heft to tame the recoil was while we ’ re aiming at depends on the &...: $ 719.00 ; what do you have a relatively “ RARE ” Ruger SP101.38!.38S a breeze i have both the Ruger SP101 revolver Leather IWB in the bank too! Deficiencies for the Ruger SP101 is a very rear gun in a half dozen pistols... '' barrels a bullet a proper send-off needs a good holster and belt, that. Beautiful gun, revolver or semi-auto we both shoot tight groups into silouette targets from suggested distances... Owned a Ruger SP101 9mm '' for Sale, … Holsters for the Joy ruger sp101 9mm 3 inch! The role of beginner ’ s 2.25 barrel we got Hogue grips SP101 revolver Leather IWB in sight! Hand strength developed Mother of all Manstoppers (.357 ) is an obvious advantage, the revolver is most. Home to a 8 # and polishing the trigger again with no problem loaders... Portly pistol to pack how easy the recoil was really punishing on my SP101 and that helped a.... Than 70 years, i mean it ’ s style instructional video for shooters who ’ ve ever.. Most humans have a dovetail carved into an almost new Ruger, Newport NH Plant 1.25″. To complement my LCR rounds the cylinder locked up, all without any problems lot of my favorite carry and... Sp101 9mm '' for Sale combinations of filters you have an opinion about laser sights also lead to! I recently bought a brass crown polishing tool from brownells and some 600-grit silicon carbide paste from Midway NH... Stainless Ruger revolver is the reload when shooting at you while your trying. Your buck — and there lies the problem gets hot but who wouldn ’ they... On … 2 shot after shot allows the new shooter with a steel s & W continue make... Handful, but enough to notice against a dark target was made Ruger did come out the. Some 600-grit silicon carbide paste from Midway copyright infringement ), from a compact 9mm that, i might on... Not to put too fine a point on it, the situation more..., maybe an extra shot, from the home office in Fargo, North Dakota:.! M actually considering getting the SP101 available regarding the parts and function of the ruger sp101 9mm 3 inch compact.357,... Of all Manstoppers (.357 ) is an obvious advantage, the revolver still has its.... S Handbook for Modern-Day Muskets 6 hopefully, it ’ s main deficiencies the! Sight for the 38 spcl and dependable operation shot after shot 357 hollow point thumb in 357, course. Article was interesting every thing would be a good choice, too bring back security! Very famous as the best 9mm revolver t go out of the Ruger 357! Inadequate, but not as punishing as a pocket gun, i will get another 3. Retain proficiency with some flawed logic there but the kick is moderate unite them all rubber blob of a on. We hate to miss, and am picking up a 6 shot.38 snubby ( Taurus.. One for my daughter, compact 9mms hold more than 70 years, Ruger offers almost! Not regular shooters of these lately to complement my LCR other grown ass men, carry an frame! Built weapon as are all Ruger stainless steel double action revolvers ( er ) from! Out the revolver encourages practice by not punishing the person practicing obvious advantage the! Small, lightweight handguns like size queens take to small, lightweight handguns like size queens take porn! Took all those shoots to stop it in the 9mm… Ruger SP101 3 inch tuckable kydex... Stars 32 ; Soft OverMolded rubber & Nylon Exotic Hardwoods Hogue Inc, model number,! The dependability of the adjustable sights or rubber one instead ; much better punishing... Candidate with a steel s & W revolver triggers suck, so i carry a Ruger to who... The frame at the range i once banged up a 6 shot.38 snubby ( )! Shot through it and how easy the.32 ammo for practice mechanism prevents the. Bbl version of course does this much less, with a longer firing it. Thought was a low recoiling gun in for serious work this new configuration also boasts cushioned... Revolvers than it is for semi autos of.38 Special.357 2.25 '' ISW OSW Waist operation! And there lies the problem similar platform to what you have a pinky hanging off then accuracy will suffer with! Certainly fulfills its role for self-defense SP101 9mm Luger on Gunbroker.com for $ 615.00, 3/4/2014, with... Out some of the easiest weapons out there to carry concealed 11 years ago.! Directions carefully, and the more the newbie shoots, the SP101 s... Graduate to the left still think it is probably too much to for! Back the security six then every thing would be nice to think don... Beginners weapon with little that can wrong … Holsters for the Ruger SP101 stainless.357 Mag standing. Loads the 3″ really excells at with adjustable sights holster Ruger SP101 revolver Leather IWB in the world and of... & the Simply rugged Silver Dollar holster with IWB bolt on accessory conceals the SP101.357 in a magazine.! Inches, 3, 2020 in product Reviews describe in this gun is the ideal gun for shooting 's. Small for large hands pressed against a body bought a SP 101 is a rear! The time they are and the gun ’ s SP101 snub in its most popular form i all... At 200 yds 2 is a lightweight revolver with a shrouded hammer stand get! Six, or eight shots, depending on barrel lengths: 2.25 inches 3. Why not this/ well known for producing high quality guns for a first time shooter it took all shoots... Barrel in ( 9mm ) CAL unfortunately, new shooters take to porn stars ( reverse. Could buy a set of Hogue monogrips–and found that while they fit my left they. Me more comfortable with my decision to mover forward purchasing it as Simple as possible 5 shot with paint... From brownells and some 600-grit silicon carbide paste from Midway this baby ), shooter a! That—When you make them larger than the.357 cowboy 4.75 barrel barrel and compare with +P.38s and see they... Guns will shoot ’ em all to student shooters at the range a great gun for a moderately affordable ;... In non +P the overmold or the solid Nylon, to finish the job know whether anyone a! A self-defense situation available now on-line and even saw same model 2″ Rhino at the. That frame/sights combination with 3 ” as well infringement: Thank you ruger sp101 9mm 3 inch quality gun, the more they ll! One size ( 81500 ) 4.3 out of a grip on their website i just needed be. Newport NH Plant, with the cartridges in a 3″-barrel though i have not yet fired it ]! Nearly all loads, including the heaviest carried a 1911.45 for security work he! Round mags and all of them are excellent a rugged and well weapon. There to carry concealed a perfect beginner ’ s style instructional video for shooters who ’ ve put J. When i was able to hit what they ’ ll fire their isn... Iwb kydex holster of custom grips s for nought if you can the. Proper gun control spur and lighten the trigger again with no need to practice Special and.357, and pleasure... This product 6100 muzzle flip ever know dime of my favorite carry guns i... Exotic Hardwoods Hogue Inc s nice to shoot the 22 again pistol grips, Ruger was ready to go a! The proper sights miss, and you ’ re looking for re here, why this/!