Fresh turf direct from the farm 1800 458 859. Then Eureka Kikuyu is just the grass you need! A vibrant grass that is perfect for kids and pets. Eureka Kikuyu grass has a broad course leaf with rapid growth. We will certainly be getting the turf for our front yard from you and recommending you to our friends. Residential & Commercial Buffalo/Couch/Kikuyu Turf Grass & Lawn Mowers/Fertiliser Suppliers in Sydney: We supply couch, kikuyu, buffalo grass turf, sapphire grass, palmetto turf, soft leaf, lush green semi dwarf & sapphire turf buffalo grass, wintergreen couch grass, santa ana couch grass in Sydney. For the best Kikuyu grass prices, visit Evergreen Turf! Windsor Turf are a licensed grower of this Premium Buffalo and... Wintergreen is a hybrid couch, blue-green in colour, with a fine, dense, soft leaf texture and reasonable colour retention under low winter temperatures. With an Australia wide network, there is a Lawn Solutions Australia Accredited grower or supplier near you. Kikuyu is a medium leaf grass It is a coarse-textured species of grass but is more drought tolerant and better suited for the drier climates,It also likes the wet conditions as well. Let’s consider a 50 square metre area – basic Kikuyu will cost approx. To the manager at Anco Turf, I would like to thank you for the Eureka kikuyu turf. Jason gave great after care advice too. Looking for a turf that will maintain its colour all year round, even through the winter months? *Prices are at the 300+ price picked up. Eureka Kikuyu is a Economical all rounder a proven performer in most Australian climates, Eureka Kikuyu is a vigorous grower that stands up to a wide range of conditions. Hands-on owners, this family ran business is driven by a combination of hard work and decades of experience. Visit our website today! This aggressive growth enables Kikuyu to withstand repeated use and to repair itself from damage. Our Kikuyu lawn is bright green and has excellent wearability. This turf’s tolerance to drought conditions means that it can maintain its beautiful light green glow through all seasons, making it perfect for both residential and commercial projects. Hard wearing. Have Kikuyu Turf delivered now – call our team minimal order for all our Turf products is 100m2. Good for both home lawns and larger spaces such as racecourses or … Is it nice and vibrant? Turf Prices can vary from $6.50 - $15.50 per square metre for the exact same variety of turf, depending on which company you call or the time of year. Kikuyu is a self-sufficient, drought-tolerant lawn that will thrive in a range of soil types. Instant turf pricing example The cost difference between the cheapest and most expensive lawn is not as big as you think. As licensed turf farmers, we provide the highest quality turf – giving the best lawn for your property. Call us on 8298 0555 for a quote) Kenda is a brand new variety of kikuyu, bred to have a higher level of vigor over other types of sterile kikuyu. *Turf can be picked up off the farm at Yarrawonga by arrangement and there is no minimal order for this. Looking for a grass that will withhold through large amounts of foot traffic? Kikuyu Grass is vigorous in growth and tolerant of heavy traffic and drought conditions. *All landscaping services can be arranged by qualified professionals. Eureka Kikuyu, or simply Kik, is a medium leaf, warm season grass perfect for high traffic areas, kids to play on, or dogs who love to dig. Atlas Turf has been supplying top quality instant Kikuyu turf for more than 30 years throughout the Sydney, South Coast, Central Coast and Hunter Valley regions of NSW. Lawn Grass, Buffalo, Kikuyu, Firewood - Camden, Campbelltown, Picton, Cobbity, Liverpool, Spring Farm, Narellan, South West Sydney, Just wanted to thank the team at Sydney Lawn & Turf and how appreciative I am for your time and service. Give us a call happy to help. For example, on an average 40m2 area, basic Kikuyu will cost around $320 while DNA Certified Sir Walter costs $480, this is a difference of $160. Kikuyu Turf. A certain amount of ground preparation may be needed, including spraying, rotary hoeing, and levelling, to get the best results. The weather and temperature have been turned up a notch. Stable and tough, this kikuyu variety will hold its own during those games of backyard footy or casual run-arounds with the pets. 8.80. Natural and synthetic turf installation prices for Melbourne, Victoria With affordable prices, discover the wonders of instant natural turf or artificial grass for your Melbourne property! As a proud homeowner, it is normal to […]. Suitable for the Australian summers, this variety is tolerant to droughts. It is the most vigorous of all lawn grasses. Make sure you’re getting the Genuine Eureka Kikuyu. Or click on "Get 3 Quotes Now" button and let us choose 3 suppliers to provide you with a quote. Due to its affordable price, Eureka Kikuyu is a popular variety of lawn for both commercial and domestic uses. Some prices for lawn turf may be: Kikuyu is the least expensive, at $6.50m2; Couch is a little more expensive, at $6.95m2; Sir Walter costs $12.00m2; Palmetto, Sapphire and Mathilda also cost $12.00m2 Greenlees Park has a deep root... Kikuyu originated in the East African highlands and was introduced to Australia by seed in 1919 and has since been propagated vegetatively for more than 50... Is Your Location in a Windsor Turf Delivery Zone? For this reason it is the most durable lawn, which will tolerate dry spells. A rapidly growing lawn and quick self-repairer. Kikuyu Turf $9.30 m2 Kikuyu turf is a drought tolerant grass that is fast at self repairing and low maintenance, requiring little watering. I have used several turf suppliers but now only use Grech’s Turf Supplies due to superior quality turf at a great price. Expect to pay: Between $7 and $11 per square metre. Being resilient to any potential damage it may receive, it further proves that this variety is perfect for families. Eureka Kikuyu has a medium-coarse leaf that’s made to withstand the damage dealt by children and pets. *Same day cut and delivery on hot days for quality turf. Recommended for homes with lots of shade. It is that time of the year again! Does it hold a healthy thick texture that […], Have you recently purchased and laid your new lawn? New turf lawn price example: The difference in price between the cheapest lawn variety and the most expensive actually isn’t as wide as you might think. It has deep roots in dense soils and is typically the dominant species in low in harder soils. With proven resilience, Eureka Kikuyu will survive any potential damage that can come from the playful activities of kids and pets. This grass is drought-tolerant and family-friendly, making it the perfect option for homes nationwide. Macarthur Turf Farm. Select from one of our local Kenda Kikuyu ® turf suppliers for advice, pricing and quotes. We laid 250sq/m 4 weeks before Christmas and still looks fantastic even throughout the hot days we have had in the last few months. Avoid the common pitfalls of laying Kikuyu Grass. Low maintenance and great for active families. 12.00, Price per square metre($) : If you want a turf that’s colourful, weather-resistant and perfect for children and pets, look no further than Eureka Kikuyu. Kikuyu Grass is a popular choice for sunny lawns & large spaces but is Kikuyu the right grass for you? Family-owned, Sydney Lawn & Turf Supplies is run by brothers Rob and Frank Muscat who work alongside their father, Dominic. $700. © Copyright 2020 Sydney Lawn & Turf Supplies. It is tough and durable and looks best when mown short. Price per square metre($) : It can handle our hot summer’s and mild winter’s all while being extremely soft under foot, with a beautiful green colour and using less water. Explore our range and find the right grass for your lawn. I will be recommending you guys to all my family and friends. Turf, Grass & Lawn Care Instant Turf Instant Turf Where you find a competitor's lower price on the same stocked item, we'll beat it by 10 % Excludes trade quotes, stock liquidations, commercial quantities and MarketLink products. In summer months Kikuyu is known for its aggressive growth, covering quickly with runners. Call us on 02 4579 9009 for more details. DWARF KIKUYU (Must be laid immediately after delivery For best results) Brook Turf lawns grow Dwarf Kikuyu grass, a turf perfectly suited to the South Australian climate. With a low, low price of $7.15 per m 2 your new Kikuyu lawn won’t break the budget. Features: Retains colour well through cooler months. ... Get a quote from up to 3 local suppliers for turf, delivery and/or installation. Our turf is all freshly harvested to order and promptly delivered to ensure ultimate freshness always ensuring our customer only receive turf of the highest quality. With a medium-coarse blade leaf, this kikuyu variety holds a strong front against wear. Kikuyu needs a minimum of 4 hours sun light best mowing hight of 15-25mm You may have doubts about your turf’s performance. Turfing professionals charge differently and they might not include these factors in their quote. m 2 Price: $ 7.50 PER (M 2) Get value for your money by ordering quality turf from the professionals who care. Drought The price of good quality instant turf is surprisingly low and ranges from around $7.15 per square metre for Kikuyu to $ 12.50 per square metre for Empire Zoysia. With the […], Look out the window and take a moment to admire your turf. There is no need to stress when purchasing our turf. This amount of turf can cost from $375 to $625, depending on which type of grass you choose. With its ability to retain its colour all year long, this is the perfect turf for your lawn. Wintergreen... Santa Ana is a fine leafed warm season couch grass that thrives on sun and heat. Kenda has extra large prostrate runners and 4 times as many rhizomes making it very fast establishing and fast to repair from damage. Talk to the Turf Experts 08 8258 2488 © Copyright 2020 Sydney Lawn & Turf Supplies. Therefore get two or … Along with several strong qualities, Eureka Kikuyu has an eye-catching bright green colouring. A fresh layer of Kikuyu or Wintergreen Couch turf can transform your green spaces, increasing the curb appeal of your property and giving the right impression to new visitors. Such a lively turf thrives in the sunlight, holding its colour brilliantly in most conditions. I was very impressed. (The price depends on how many metres you buy. Kikuyu Kenda is a native of the highlands of East Africa and is now naturalized in many coastal and inland regions of Australia. We have used other companies turf before and it just hasn’t performed or looked half as great with other lawns. When you buy from Sydney Lawn & Turf, you know you are getting the real deal thanks to our proven high-quality processes and accreditations. Find Suppliers. Eureka Kikuyu is perfect for people who have the harsh and unpredictable Australian weather in mind. The ideal grass for properties with traffic. A great looking lawn with little water requirements. Commonly used in medium to large landscape areas as it is more cost effective. Price per square metre ($) : 6.90 Kikuyu originated in the East African highlands and was introduced to Australia by seed in 1919 and has since been propagated vegetatively for more than 50... Read More / … It is the most economical lawn available. Use the following chart to see how Eureka Kikuyu Turf compares to other turf varieties. That’s right, summer is here! Ask our Team what under-soil is best suited before laying your Kikuyu Turf. So here at West Coast Turf we strongly believe in keeping our turf prices consistent and transparent. From the time we spoke over the phone with Jo who gave great advice to the time of delivery, the guys came out and laid my new lawn. In late 2015, Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA), commenced an extensive DNA testing process with our members to further ensure the Eureka Kikuyu that is produced and sold by LSA members is the genuine, high quality turf … Prestige® is Sydney's newest soft leaf buffalo variety, developed for the tough Australian conditions. Eureka Kikuyu Grass. Naturally holding a compelling light green colour, this variety has the ideal colour retention even through dormancy.