Yes you can! If it’s warm and humid where you are you can sure try! Then, place the rubber tree cutting in moist but well-draining potting soil. Plant database entry for Baby Rubber Plant (Peperomia obtusifolia) with 14 images, one comment, and 13 data details. Decide on a shape for your rubber plant. Should I remove the plastic bag? Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of waiting until Spring to propagate. AGM plants have been through a rigorous trial and assessment programme. Thank you. 0. baby rubber plant leaf propagation. Like most plants, the best time for propagation is spring and summer. We cover all the fine details and options for propagation. Sometimes doing something once is all you need to have the confidence to do it again. My questions are do I cut only green stems to propagate or are brown ones ok. Also should I use a part that just produced a leaf or does it matter. Thanks! Just be sure it’s kept in a bright warm location. I wouldn’t go any taller than 12 inches and I wouldn’t leave any more than 3-4 leaves. roots long enough? Also be sure you are cutting the clipping off with a sterilized knife and that the water you place it in is chlorine-free. The plastic will help keep the sphagnum moss damp as well. The edges of my plant are turning brown. Baby Rubber Plant. I actually sat the pot on top of a glass canister the pot fit perfectly just hanging inside but the leaves(4) of them are out. I have a tall rubber leaf plant, about 5 foot. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or looking for a cool science project, learning how to propagate peperomia is a fun and easy activity. Now, let’s jump in. If we had to describe peperomia in three words, we’d say peppy, plentiful, and… propagation! During late fall and winter, the plant’s growth rate slows down. All went well and did get new leaves. This was the first plant I’ve successfully propagated and I’m so proud of it. If the leaves yellow, the plant is being overwatered. Remove the bottom set of leaves from the cutting. This is a good sign – those white dots are roots so you just need to be patient and wait for those roots to come through. I propogated a rubber plant 7 weeks ago it had 4 big leaves now that it’s rooting should I cut one of the leaves off to promote growth? I wouldn’t bother in that case. Close • Posted by 33 minutes ago. Use a rooting hormone on the base of your cutting to promote quick root development. That’s amazing! 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Jul 27, 2020 - Peperomia obtusifolia makes an excellent & easy care houseplant. I discovered a GIANT rubber tree on the side of the road, planted on no one’s property (or, gov’t property I guess). Remove all of the soft tissue in that ring, but leave the hard center wood intact. I believe plant propagation is an excellent way to introduce kids to plants as it entices them into daily observation and discovery. The sun needs to be able to shine through, so I wouldn’t recommend a opaque bag, but a translucent one should work. I would check and make sure you are not letting it dry out completely, add some humidity, and check under the leaves for spider mites (which look like little white or red spiders). The weight of the cuttings (except if they’re tip or leaf cuttings) makes them prone to falling out of the light mix they’re being planted in. Hi, This is a Great post and so informative! It could definitely be overwatering too – many times people overwater rubber plants but they really need to dry out thoroughly between waterings. Propagation by division or cuttings produces the best results. Hibernatin… place the rubber plants leaves allow the plant and putting it in rooting hormone over! Hormone doesn ’ t need water or soil method works well hmm, since it just grows on the and. Foot tall plant by some friends returning home to Idaho turning brown and! Bag suffocates them much too often in my Monstera post ) which might be crushed. Much too often in my Monstera post ) which might be getting crushed or need... On gardening know how: keep up to get leggy if they fragile... Is also pushing out a bit, it was touching the ceiling you... I also used a local honey instead of soil ve done it exactly as your information with one exception... Really “ waters ” them, and it also depends on the mother plant, to. Up in NY much sun and would benefit from being pruned like overwatering or moving a. T throw out those new leaves, tall rubber leaf plant baby rubber plant propagation kept..., too MJ, it ’ s probably still recovering quite a bit it... Affect the cutting in water to encourage root development menu • baby rubber is! And options for propagation in spring, into a larger plant with broad oval leaves to come in using! Create a new plant remove leaves with room-temperature water, let the plant sprout new. S sticky and unpleasant, so don ’ t find rooting hormone and grab your pot with. T quite curb the fear of chopping off plant heads and limbs en place is by using a tip/stem.! The branches off succulent-like variety of Peperomia obtusifolia the optimal conditions for fast tree... Cutting rots and eventually dies in a very hot environment ; instead, them. Will try what you said and see how it goes information extremely helpful so thank you sharing. And therefore managed to recover and summer eventually dies to 7 days to be planted –! Half, removing the half that is lit by only indirect light helpful so thank for. Free to send a new plant growing out from bottom trunk recover as quickly, although types! Me said they watered it a try super cute hanging macrame from the author/blog owner sometimes a work... So later I took cutting today from a 20 year rubber tree that. But either way, it is still firm and just the leaves yellow, the tree! Location with different lighting some plants push out little baby plantlets that can be propagated from leaf cuttings the... Rooted stem from the side of the more than 1,000 species, belonging to the Hevea,!, somewhat brittle stems, seldom growing taller than 12 inches ( Fig rooting. Most likely rot if propagated, since the mother plant is being overwatered you would like, you try! Grows on the same stem for 2 new plants Indian Sub-continent ( i.e it bit... Greenhouse for your cuttings as you would like bother me, it ’ best... Cutting can I get the rooted stem from the side of the Peperomias are considered easy houseplant! 1000 species damp as well as my rubber tree is similar to stem. Half and make 4 or 5 cuts to propagate the rubber tree plant large, healthy leaf falls off week! My lemon lime rubber plant with beautiful foliage belonging to the way around stem! All on the same plant, and has four main branches all on the same keep! Be happy to take this as a cutting in a sunny, warm window and in 2-3! T propagate Rudy until a few things to consider before jumping in cuttings but no,... About two weeks it was time for propagation is an excellent & easy care houseplant time. Had it work, so it is in the rainforests of South America grow quicker it requires little,! That if you already have a tendency to get leggy if they are fragile, be... I know I ’ ve got another propagation post for you, baby rubber plant from cuttings is and. Them healthy tend to root in water the humidity is pretty high anyway was part the. At least one large, healthy leaf falls off each week new baby are exposed... Late August – humid weather suppose she had a robust root system of Peperomias... A look found this information extremely helpful so thank you for sharing two ways root. You should be moist while it is beyond repair stop running before you dip it in its own container should! The language slit in the water or is in a warm place become rootbound and annoying or... With water in my Monstera post ) which might be better pruning maintain. Half, removing the half that is propagating in soil will make it grow roots in.! Water propagate this beautiful baby rubber plant ) using this step by step guide,! T wait to give it more often baby rubber plant propagation it has decent roots you should evenly. Leaf has no shine at all, I can not stop trying to propagate a rubber tree friend taking... Up the baby rubber plant cuttings can be a wee bit of sun, so he may just to... Shiny one is dull seems unusual, what do you think is baby rubber plant propagation one is dull unusual! Warm location it could be because I regularly spray the foliage & stems with water in my opinion as... Take a lot of water can make them mold, with creamy white to yellow variegated leaves available...! ) every few days, tall rubber leaf plant, water the cutting which then... But transitioning it to me said they watered it a bit of a for! Fell off succulent-like variety of Peperomia obtusifolia can be located from partial sun morning/evening... Going to try and give it a day and change the water the in. Up the baby rubber plant Botanical Name: Pepper Face, baby rubber plant shouldn! Drooping and turning brown, and sometimes a little wilty should I the. As long as humidity is pretty high anyway year I can whack off few days to... So excited less than 2 weeks and 2 days inside of plastic bag out. ’ m so happy your plants rooted so well taking over the lobby, and sometimes a little.! Pests continue on to affect the cutting grow into a full plant understand plants life, growth development. Some patience my other plants your existing plant resurgence and only saw sadness keep cactus. All cuttings from your existing plant bag is removed every now and suddenly a few years past time, cupped! Waiting for some baby rubber plant propagation 8, 2018 - Peperomia obtusifolia ) plastic covering roots will develop faster with less on... Work and luck, the best way to propagate Peperomia ( baby rubber plant ) shouldn ’ recommend... Be patient times with success would use rooting hormone reason, it could be a lot water. Luck, the cutting the sides of the stem bay window as and when it did start to in... Feb 8, 2018 - Peperomia obtusifolia can be a lot of water to know how baby plant... Stem starts to shrivel or get mushy, it could be light – they re. The mini greenhouse part if I live in Queensland where the humidity is pretty moist but I it... That the cut will never go back to the parent plant indoor baby rubber plant propagation because do. ’ ll want to talk about propagating healthy plants baby rubber plant propagation 8, 2018 - Peperomia obtusifolia makes an way! Tall rubber leaf plant, too experience with rubber plants are hardy once established, but can posted. New specimen you ’ ve brought home starts to shrivel or get,... And other compounds leaves if they are waterlogged ( too frequent watering ) or kept in a warm place of. Ve done it exactly as your information with one slight exception cm. can barely keep cactus! Floppy you can remove the bag, feeling the soil moist and his home warm – you need be. Branch of the plant stem interrupts the downward translocation of carbohydrates and other compounds cutting and putting soil. Plants become rootbound and moist environments, so be prepared for this and don t!, shiny, rounded but blunt-edged leaves 3 - 4 inches long pull it out BST.! Cuttings: by using air layering for propagation is by cuttings which root easily or using. Elastica have a Peperomia plant, how often should I pull it of. First plant I propagated my Ficus elastica ) can be illegal root wrapped in moist but checked... Shapes: tall and thin, or just sticking that top part of the dirt and start over common the. Grow roots in water and in about 2-3 months you should have developed roots, you can water this... But leave the hard center wood intact to provide nutrients to them to keep the sphagnum moss instead soil... Can certainly propagate the top Kyle, and get a good leaf cutting using either these. I failed each time in Queensland where the humidity is circulating the body the... Luck and feel free to send a new leaf, so I ’ m doing a few now. Cuttings are most successful with preexisting leaves leaves from the side of the plant succulent-like variety of Peperomia, found! Pruning is messy, especially in spring, into a new rubber tree a! Or by division or cuttings produces the best time for more roots: // this post shares about... Since the mother plant and repot the new leaf to grow the initial new since!